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Long Term Care Insurance

Traditional LTC

Today, Long Term Care Insurance is as neccesary as car and homeowners insurance. As our population ages and medical science finds more advanced methods of keeping us alive, the question of long term care is not if but when. In-home care can cost between $8,754* to $41,184* a year and a nursing facility averages over $61,503* a year. Without proper planning a person can be forced to rely on their family for care, causing them hardships. No one wants to be a burden on their loved ones.

Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance is coverage for individuals who require assisted living and constant supervision due to a chronic or disabling condition. This type of insurance is for nursing facility care, home health care, and personal or adult day care without long term care. Accessing public assistance programs usually requires savings and assets to be depleted before they step in. Long Term Care Insurance protects, not just you, but your estate and family as well.

With CLA USA Marketing's access to Traditional Long Term Care Insurance you can offer clients various coverage plans. There are flexible premiums to fit clients’ budgets. Spousal plans are also available so that couples can get coverage for each other. CLA USA Marketing offers access to helpful sales tools and resources, statistics and other materials to overcome LTC objections and to close your next sale.

* $8,754 is the average cost of adult only health care in taxes, $41,184 is the average cost for home markers services, and $61,503 is the average cost for nursing home private room. Source Genworth 2012 Cost of Care Survey *