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Fixed Annuities

Clients have a lot of concerns about their retirement. Concerns about market volatility, lack of faith in the economy to unknowns in Social Security, the list goes on.

For these reasons, we believe annuities are a strong vehicle for safety, stability, and income. An annuity contract between your clients and our carriers guarantees the clients many valuable benefits. The benefits of annuities include tax deferral and an income that they can not outlive. CLA USA Marketing offers producers annuities from over 15 carriers who offer the opportunity for interest with guarantees to principal.

Even better, CLA USA Marketing assists with case consultation, sales ideas, and resources that can help you close the case. The CLA USA Marketing difference is that our management team has personally sold annuities and we can show you proven ways to close cases from $10,000 to $1,000,000.

CLA USA Products