CLA USA Marketing is committed to delivering the most dynamitic sales leads program in the industry. We believe our role with our agents is to support, educate, assist and partner with them in the pursuit in the growth of their agencies and practices. To that end we are partnering with CLA USA to bring our agents the Premier Leads Program.

In conjunction with CLA USA we offer qualifying agents the Premier Leads Program. This program provides the highest quality Annuity, Life Insurance and Long Term Care leads to agents at no cost. These leads are first generation leads, not recycled leads. Our agents are the first and only agents to speak to these prospects.

Our Partner, CLA USA, conducts over 700 planning workshops to over 14,000 attendees annually. These attendees may need to speak with financial professionals on planning topics from single needs planning to retirement and estate planning. They also need our agents and advisers to educate them on products and services necessary for their financial health and well-being.*

Contact one of our Sale Coaches to review the program and your eligibility below. Review the program qualifications and contact us with your questions on how you can participate. Let’s expand and build your agency/practice together!

Program Qualifications:

Production Agents/Advisors must show verifiable production in annuity, life and or LTC premium. This product can be in any line of business stated below or any combination reaching the required threshold.

Production Requirements for Agent/Advisor Participation:
  • $750,000 Paid Annuity premium within the last 12 months*
  • $50,000 Paid Life Insurance target premium within the last 12 months*
  • $20,000 Paid Long Term Care insurance premium within the last 12 months
* Excluding Single Premium Immediate Annuities and Excess Life Insurance Premium

Agents must contract with three insurance carriers of CLA USA Marketing’s choosing to participate. Agents must be debt free with their current carriers and eligible to contract with CLA USA Marketing. Agents with vectors are not eligible for the program. CLA client business is excluded in the production requirement.

Lead tracking is provided by CLA USA Marketing. Contact your Sales Coach for specific qualification details. Participation in the program is at the discretions of CLA USA Marketing. This program offering can be changed, modified or rescinded at any time.

* The number of leads and/or prospect may vary city-to-city and state-to-state. CLA USA Marketing cannot guarantee the number of leads, if any, in any given agent’s city or surrounding area. All new business must be submitted to CLA USA Marketing new business team for proper credit.