This program has been designed for CLA USA Marketing, LLC agents. The goal of this program is to generate more sales effectively for the agents. This program is designed to offer a “bonus” in addition to the agent’s current commission structure. We believe the greatest challenge agents face today is the lack of quality leads or prospective customers and clients. Used properly, our program will give the agent the leads necessary to grow their practice.

In conjunction with our partner Kramer Direct, you will have the opportunity to market to the type of potential clients you have always wanted. This program can be replicated as often as the agent needs for additional growth and development. Agents who qualify for the program will see the value of such a program.

Qualifications, rules and requirements:
  • Agents in good standing are eligible for the program.
    • Good standing means:
      • Agents must have at least three carriers appointed through CLA USA Marketing LLC.
      • Agents must have completed all carrier suitability training.
      • Agents must not have any outstanding chargebacks with our carriers.
      • Agents must be currently insurance licensed.
  • Agents, with the assistance of their Sales Coach, will contact our Lead Generation Program partner, Kramer Direct, and place their first order at our discounted pricing.
  • Agents will purchase (via credit card) 1,000 mailers (minimum), choose the zip code for the mailing and the actual mailer message they would like to send.
  • Agents and Kramer Direct will establish the online account and mailbox for the leads.
  • CLA USA Marketing, LLC and Kramer Direct will establish the firm’s account and the agent’s Sales Coach will receive a list of the leads once the agent receives their leads.
  • Business Submission – business will be mailed to Amanda Weaver at CLA USA Marketing, LLC. Amanda will log the business and match it to the Lead Generation Program.
  • The “bonus” program will run for 90 days and will take effect the day the first lead is generated.
  • If, within the 90 day time frame, the agent has issued premium of 200,000; annuity premium is dollar for dollar, life target premium is credited at 10 for every dollar paid, excess life premium is dollar for dollar, Long Term Care premium is credited 5 for every dollar of paid premium the agent will have met the production requirement to attain the “bonus.” Disability Insurance premiums will not be eligible for this program.
  • Agents will receive a $500 “bonus” in the form of cash, receivable the month following the month the agent reaches the production requirement in this program.

Please contact your Sales Coach for more details. This program is subject to changes or modifications at the discretion of CLA USA Marketing, LLC. Agents with chargebacks will have their bonus applied to any and all chargebacks. After chargebacks are paid in full, any bonus monies available will be paid directly to the agent as stated above. Agents with a Vector will not be eligible to participate in the program. This program is designed for agents affiliated with CLA USA Marketing, LLC. CLA USA Marketing, LLC reserves the right to terminate this program at any time.

All new business must be submitted to CLA USA Marketing new business team for proper credit.